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Outside US        _______Individual $2500 first year  ________Renew $22.00

        _______Couple $30.00 first year        ________Renew $25.00

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Preserving the past-Sharing the future for the Appaloosa
Sundance "500" International
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Membership with Sundance "500" International includes the newsletter, membership benefits, contests, award programs, Directory, special features, discount advertising, and a fellowship of folks who love Appaloosas, just like you.  You do not have to own a Sundance bloodline Appaloosa to become a mebmer.  Catch the Sundance Spirit!  Please complete this form and include the correct dues (U.S. funds - checks or Money Orders on U.S. Banks, International Money Orders only.), payable to Sundance "500" International.  Mail to:  Sandy Dean, Secretary, Sundance 500 International, 16211 Woodville Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613
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